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We will be soon releasing MuzikCloudBiz a professional music network where you will be able to promote your work, lock down the perfect venue, find last minute standing for your band, contact other music professionals... Stay tuned!

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MuzikCloud is a place for talent, learning, promoting, networking. It's your companion to guide you on your own MuzikJourney and provide you with what you need, when you need it. Here to help you make your business opportunities grow.

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Our passion led us down the path of building a comprehensive music database which has evolved into an ever growing community. And we welcome anyone who shares our love to start their own Muzik experience.

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You can make MuzikCloud better. Share your wisdom, contribute and collect badges and prizes!


We are not currently recruiting, but stay tuned to our Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates.


MuzikCloud understands how much you value your personal information. We are grateful for your contribution and for trusting that we will use your details sensibly.

By Accepting our alpha release terms and conditions you agree that MuzikCloud can contact you with regards to updates on our upcoming release. You also agree to be contacted by us when the release happens with an invite to join and test the alpha site.

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